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Summer's Child

Regine On A Roll

Regine Velasquez: 14 Years of Memories

Moviestar Magazine

Untouched 'Reginity'

Regine Velasquez: Celebrates 15 showbiz years

Regine and Robin to do a film inspired by 'Notting Hill'

Regine (sigh!) is loveless (donated by Romina Perocho)

Bongga ang launching ng R2K album ni Regine sa SOP

KUH AND REGINE...Channels Magazine

Brian McKnight to guest in Regine concert in April?


Regine 2000 Experience

The Other Side of Regine


Regine 2000 at the Museum

Making Regine Velasquez's new music video is a breeze

Funnier the second time around

Support for a friend

Regine to guest at Ai Ai's concert

Regine continues to draw raves on the concert scene

Regine still gets the jitters

Simply Regine Velasquez

by Shirley Matias Pizzaro

Regine misses her hosting chores at 'SOP'

Regine Velasquez plays the waiting game

Regine's dad approves of Aga

All Because of Aga

Scuttlebutt: Aga & Regine; Regine's US Trip next month to meet Tommy Motola!!

Aga Mulach controls his romantic feelings for Regine

Regine and Aga

Regine holds fans' day

Regine thinks of herself for a change



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