These are old and new photos of my Regine collection. Some of them has been restored. Click on them to have a better view. There are loads of them so always keep urself updated on this site...I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. Enjoy!!!

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R2K: The Concert Pics

WHC, Vanity, Star Studio, Mirror, Tsisma, Mr&Ms, Star Talk, Kislap Magazine (April 2000)

Channels Magazine - February 2000 issue & other covers

The Regine 2000 concert @ Music Museum

R2K magazine: The 2nd poster of the movie: Legacy

Regine at the Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel

Regine in Bulacan during the early days

Regine in long black elegant glittery dress

Cacai Velasquez lil' sis of Regine

Receiving People's Choice Award for "You Are My Song"

Regine in tube outfit, looking real cute

Regine in cute smile

Regine wearing blue top

Regine wearing satin dress looking sexy, the one she wore in RETRO concert!

Regine in corp commander cap smiling

Regine in sleeveless sitting

Regine, Donna & Mikee in Japanese costume and make up

Regine in Maria Clara dress (thanks to Sonny Azurin's page)

Regine, Martin Nievera & Side A Band at the Hard Rock Cafe

Regine holding her face with pearls slipped through her hand

DoReMi Scene

Regine in side view smiling

Regine's memorabilia donation to Music Museum

Regine putting out her hand

Regine's half way house

Regine through the years

Aga drapes arms around Regine

Aga and Regine

Aga's head on Regine's lap

Aga and Regine in sweet hug

Regine frowns while Aga smiles


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