Album: Regine (1987)

Will There Really Be A Morning?
Maybe Now, Maybe Then
Light In The Dark
Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang
(English: If Only I Can Return)
The One I Love
Isang Lahi
(English: One Race)


Album: Nineteen'90 (1990)

You Were Meant For Me
Ngayong Wala Ka Na
(English: Now That You're Gone)
Wired For Love
Hindi Na, Ayoko Na
(English: Not Anymore, I Dont' Want To)
Know It
Narito Ako
(English: I'm Here)
I Have To Say Goodbye
(English: From The Province)


Album: Tagala Talaga (1991)

Maghihintay Ako Sa Iyo (English: Waiting For You)
Buhay Ng Buhay Ko
(English: Life of my Life)
Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan
Kahit Ika'y Panaginip Lang
(English: Even In My Dreams)
Sa Duyan Ng Pag-ibig
(English: Kiss)
Kastilyong Buhangin
(English:Castle of Sand)


Album: Regine Special Limited Edition (1991)

You'll Never Walk Alone
And I'm Telling You
Buhay Ng Buhay Ko
(English: Life of My Life)
You'll Never Walk Alone (minus one)
And I'm Telling You (minus one)
Buhay Ng Buhay Ko (minus one)


Album: Reason Enough (1993)

Is This Feeling For Real?
Kung Kailan Pa
(English: Why Now)
Slip Away (duet with Gary Valenciano)
Babalikang Muli
(English: Back Again)
Sana'y Maulit Muli
(English: Hope It'll Happen Again)
Reason Enough
Say You Love Me
Damdamin Ko Sa'yo
(English:Feelings For You)
It's Hard To Say Goodbye (duet w/ Paul Anka)


Album: Listen Without Prejudice (1994)

In Love With You (duet w/ Jacky Cheung)
Follow The Sun
The Moment You Were Mine
Reason Enough
What Kind Of Fool Am I
We Will Be Together
The Way Love's Meant To Be
I'm Lost In Lonely Harmony
I Would Die For You
Say You Love Me
The Moment You Were Mine (Reprise)


Album: My Love Emotion (1995)

My Love Emotion
You've Made Me Stronger
Learning From Love
Send Me Someone To Love
Wait And See
My Sweet Home
Perfect (duet with Tux)
Days Like These
Can't Stop Thinking About Love


Album: Love Was Born On Christmas Day (1996)

Remember This Christmas
Maybe Next Year
Christmas Wish
A Star Burns Bright (At Christmas)
Hold On To Your Dreams
Himig Pasko
(English: Songs of X'mas)
Ikaw Sa Paskong Ito
(English: You This X'mas)
Love Was Born On X'mas Day
Cradle Me This Christmas
Believe It
I Dream Of Christmas
Payapang Daigdig
(English: Peaceful World)


Album: Retro (1996)

Prologue (Sound of Silence)
I Can't Help It ( duet with Remus Choy from Grasshopper)
Nothing Left For Me
Shake Your Groove Thing
Looking Through The Eyes Of Love
I Want To Know What Love Is
Dance With Me ( duet with Mommy Tessie Velasquez)
You Were There
I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
Bluer Than Blue (Hidden Bonus Track!!)
Epilogue (Sound of Silence)


Album: Drawn (1998)

How Could You Leave
Once In A Lifetime Love
Messin' With My Head
Love Again
Ikaw (You)
Where Are You Now
Whenever We Say Goodbye
Linlangin Mo
Our Love
I'll Never Say Goodbye

Album: Regine Very Special (1999)

Follow The Sun
Sana Maulit Muli
You Were There
Reason Enough
The Way Love's Meant To Be
I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
What Kind Of Fool Am I
You've Made Me Stronger
Learning From Love
My Love Emotion
Shake Your Groove Thing


CD single (Special Limited Edition) of the "Songs
From Adarna, The Mythical Bird

1.) Touched By Your Love
- Regine's duet with Martin Nievera
2.) Nagmamahal
- Tagalog version of "Touched By Your Love"
3.) Believe It
- can also be found in Regine's Christmas album
4.) Halakhak
- The Youth
5.) Believe It (Minus One)
6.) Touched By Your Love/Nagmamahal (Minus One)