These are old and new photos of my Regine collection. Some of them have been restored. Click on them to have a better view. There are loads of them so always keep urself updated on this site...I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do. Enjoy!!!

I have placed some of the old pictures to: Regine Velasquez Online Site - click here to visit.


Regine's ex-manager & friend, Ronnie Henares

Regine with her mom (MommyV.) & sis Cacai

Regine at 17

Regine holding a camera at age 17

Regine at 20

Regine's memorabilia donation to Music Museum

Regine early years

Regine putting out her hand

Regine congratulated by PolyCosmic Records

Regine's half way house

Regine takes a wrap, FAP awards night

Regine with her dad

Regine with Mang Gerry

Regine standing behind a post

Regine in fuschia dress

Regine with dog Askar

Regine in jumper sitting

Regine wearing crumpled top

Regine pose for Agenda Cover

Regine in maroon satin dress

Regine teenager 17 yrs.old

Regine singing with Martin Nievera (early years)

Regine poster in Hong Kong

Regine and Janno pose

Regine through the years

Aga drapes arms around Regine (new!)1

Aga and Regine (new!)2

Aga's head on Regine's lap

Aga and Regine in sweet hug

Regine frowns while Aga smiles


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