Drawn Lyrics

How Could You Leave

Na na na na na na....

All day I settle on just thinking about ur smile
I see u in my dreams
How u complete me
Flowers u left me here
Still wilt on the shelf by the phone
U took a part of me
All the tears i cry 4 u
It's day by day for me
The only way i get by
I keep talking in my sleep
As if u were still right by my side baby

How could u leave need u w/ me
all of the precious memories
just left me behind
and how my heart cry
without u i'm so lost baby
i still can't believe that
you could just leave
standing alone in misery
just left me behind
pls. come back baby

i pray i call ur name
still wishing that u would come home
nothing comforts me
but if u could hold me
my world will start to turn
for a moment that things would be right
can u hear me
baby don't u ned me too
are u afraid of me
pls. tell me how love passed us by

right now i would do anything
just to have you right back
in my life, baby

all of the pain and the hurt
trapped inside keeps pulling me down
and God knows how i try
so hard when u love someone
the way that i loved you
pls. come back
we can talk it all out
time and space my love away
for you hooh... lalalalalalala...

It's day by day for me
the only way i get by
i keep talking in my sleep
as if u were here by my side
baby, i'm so lost, i don't know what to do...


Once In A Lifetime

Everybody needs somebody
I'm alone and waiting to find
my once in a lifetime love

once in a lifetime boy)
heaven if ur listenin' to me
tell me when I'm going to find
that once in a lifetime love

Someone to hold someone to kiss
i've seen his face a million times
in my dreams
passion that's real
love i can feel
here in my heart
i can see

all that i need perfect is here
so sensitive and warm and
gentle with me
will this dream be reality
if so then tell me
love this would be
so many nights
spend all alone
i need a love
that i can call my own
tell me how long b4
i find my one true love
is there an answer
from heaven above

(is the love 4 me
and it's meant to be
i'm waiting patiently
when will it come to me
everything i need not just
a fantasy
will it come to me...)
my love is waiting for u, baby, please...

am i gonna find, yeah, yeah...


Messin' With My Head

Waited up 4 u
all night
u didn't call
u let me here awaiting,
anticipating so i called
you on the phone
unexpectedly i talked to her
she said u don't belong 2 me
how could u look into my eyes
and straight up lie to me
u dragging send it
so stop pretending
i'd rather be alone 'coz
I deserve much more
I can't believe my friends
could see they told me so

Coz ur messin' w/ my head
i know ur sleepin in her bed
last night u was away
u said u'd be
i'm tired of u blaming me
don't u even care
i'm just not about to
share how could u even dare
so stop u talking me and
playing me

but while i'm here i'm sorry
coz i'm tired of u sounding like
a broken record if u pitty a the top
i've heard it all b4
i'm not afraid to be alone
i'll find my own and all the times
that we make love
u have me feeling like
i was ur woman only lover
but it's okay coz
i have something
waiting for me that can give
what u couldn't give
and so much more

so now i really don't care
coz ur game has pushed me
over the edge
u put a love to this yes
so many other guys
would like to come
with me
u've got ur chance baby
so no, u just got to go.


Love Again

Oooh...yeah...Darlin' I
have felt the rain and thunder
in my heart
i feel so all alone
and babay i could
put away the sorrow and the past
i don't wanna lose my soul
i've tried so many times
i've given love a chance
and everytime i try
it seems to never last
i wanna give to u my all
but my heart won't take a chance

show me how to find
away to love again
it seems impossible
to find true love again
tell me how to find
a way to love again
it seems so hard i try
to find a love that's mine

now give me time
to understand the heartache
and the pain
i've been here b4
and baby i, i wanna
give my life
my trust to u
i can't seem to let it go
coz every time i try
pain lingers in the past
it's like no one seems to care
life does a develess
although my heart still
yearns for you
i'm just afraid to face
the truth...woh...

(Show me how, how to love again
Impossible oh…who
How to love again
A love that's mine)

when i lie awake w/
all these tears
i cannot hide
i wonder
if i'll ever see
that love when i was
a child i wanna give
my everything
but i'm scared to
just to realize
i don't know and u show



Ikaw ang may bigay
ng Maykapal
tugon sa aking dasal
upang sa lahat ng panahon
bawat pagkakataon
ang ibigin ko'y ikaw
ikaw ang tanglaw saking
mundo kabiyak itong
puso ko
walang ni kahating mang
saglit na sayo'y
may ipapalit ngayo't
kailanma'y ikaw ang lahat
ng aking galaw ang sanhi
ay ikaw kung may bukas
pang tinatanaw dahil
may isang ikaw kulang ang
upang bawat sandali ay
upang muli't muli ay ang
mamahalin ay ikaw



Hey...It's over and done
but the heartache live on
and who is the one ur claiming to
instead of me tonight

where are u know
now that i need you
tears on my pillow
wherever u go
i cry me a river
that leads to ur ocean

u'll never see me
fall apart in a words of a
broken heart it's just emtion
takin' me over
tired of sorrow
lost in my soul but if u
don't come back
come home to me darling
coz u know that
nobody left in this world to hold
me tight nobody left in this
world to kiss goodnite, goodnite
i'm at ur side a part of all
the things u are
but got a part of someone else
u go to find
ur shining star


Where Are You Now

We shared so many things
there's nothing i
wouldn't have told u
coz u taught me how
to think u gave me the strength
to hold on to
i shared my feelings slowly
i put my turst in u
u helped me seach to find myself
life's lessons that u shown me
we laughed we cried and sing
and nobody else could console me
a special bond but then
never have thought i could feel oh
so lonely forever thought i have u
so unexpectedly u left me here
all by myself
now i need u here to hold me

where are u now
miss u so much i can't
explain the hurt i feel
where are u now
u were my breathe of life
the answers to my needs
i don't know why u left
me in the rain
i prayed every night
keep calling out ur name
where r u now

that pretty smiling face
can't escape from my mind
ur my only
that keeps me on my way
keeps my heart beating
still oh so slowly
i think i'm going crazy
i don't know what to do
the thought of leaving you
just scares me baby help me
i need you

oh baby here me calling you
is it my thought of feel so blue
don't think i'll ever love agin
the way that i love you like a
child you bore it's mother
that's how i need you...


Whenever We Say Goodbye

Welcome back my heart is smiling
again come in and close the door
this is a feeling
i've come to know so well
coz we've been through
this so many times b4
time and time agin
i try to say goodbye
convince that it's the best thing to do
well just tears me up inside
can't seem to bear the
thought of losing you

whenever we say goodbye
there's no ease in the pain
i feel inside and i can't see
through all the tears in my
eyes can't see the reason why
it hurt so much whenever we
say goodbye, goodbye

this road were wrong lead us to no
where we've known this right
from the start but
as long as we're together
it seems almost better than
travelin' down the right place apart

Lord knows i've tried to set u free
when all that
i want is 4 u
to stay w/ me, stay w/ me, w/ me


Linlangin Mo

Bakit ikaw? Bakit ako?
nalilito ang puso ko
sabihin kung paano sayo'y
lumayo at lumutin ang
pag-ibig mo
hanggang kailan
hanggang saan pagmamahal ay
walang hanggan ngunit kailangan
nang magpaalam di ko nais na
ika'y masaktan

linlangin mo itong puso ko
sabihin mong pagibig ay
naglaho upang sayo
ay lumayo at talikuran
ang nadarama ko
bakit kailangan pang magtagpo
kung sa huli ay
magkakalayo bakit ngayon lang
nadama ito ngayong puso mo'y
natali ng isang pangako

ngunit paano nang sayo'y
lalayo kung ikaw ang bulong
ng aking puso


Our Love

Lost and lonely lives
drifting by waves of tears
we make it day by day
watchin' the world go by
in a moment when time
stands still
here we r 4-ever

Darlin' our love one love
that never fades away
our love
this love will light the world
all day (its way)

Shattered broken dreams
sifting like grains of sand
we claim it here we stay
watchin' the world go by
with a strength that we
spend in this life
in a hope that it goes on
forever we believe as we
promised to try



I'll Never Say Goodbye

Night after night
we stay together
sharing moments that spell
day after day our love
gets stronger
growing every minute
as we get closer
if we ever have to say
goodbye and go our own
seperate ways i wouldn't
know how to get by my on
my own
after all the love and passion
u have shown

I'll never say goodbye
no matter how they try
to show me love
that last if we're prisoners
caught in the past
don't let ur tears run dry
no need for u to cry
i promise i will stay
and with u all the way
our friends will soon forget
that u and i once met
as long as deep inside
i know it's love not pride
and i will never say
ever say goodbye

i'll never say goodbye
there r no reasons why
our souls are so entwined
there is us no u and i
and time will soon regret
regretting we once met
because we'll show them all
with love we can walked out
and we will never say ever say
i never say goodbye

Copyright Viva Records,The MJF Company 1998.